Audit Assistance

Coordination of Internal Revenue Service Audits

Internal Revenue Service audits are usually selected randomly by the IRS.  The primary objective is to ensure plans are following the applicable laws and regulations established for qualified plans.

Associated Pension Consultants, Inc. has more than ten Enrolled Retirement Plan Agents (ERPA) on staff.  Each ERPA is certified to represent clients before the IRS should a plan be selected for audit.

Should your plan ever be selected for IRS audit,  our office would work as a liaison between your office and the IRS agent, collecting, reviewing and providing requested information to the agent prior to the audit date.   We would also be available for all pension-related questions on the day of the audit.  We find this results in a smooth, concise audit process that works well for the client and the Internal Revenue Service agent.

Since our plan administrators and consultants work to ensure  year-end information conforms to IRS guidelines, the audit process timeline for most of our clients is minimized. 

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